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Struck Dumb
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: London
Favourite style of art: Look at my favourites.
Struck Dumb


Use only images in my Free Stock folders:
None of my other images may be used whatsoever without prior permission.
Should you wish to discuss use of any other images in my gallery - please note me.

Images in my Free Stock folder may be used as you wish with the following restrictions:

1. Do not claim these images as your own or re-distrubute them.
2. Do not use my resources to create violent, sexual or otherwise offensive images.

I will not link to images containing nudity or that show up as containing adult content.
I will also hide/delete messages that link to such on my pages.

Although not demanded I would be grateful for the following:

1. A note to say that you found my stock useful.
2. A link to see where you used it.
3. A link back to my page especially if you use my resources off-site.

In my Free Stock folders you will find many more like the following:

Scratches ii by struckdumb Bindweed Cracked by struckdumb Colour Grunge by struckdumb
Grunge v by struckdumb Cracked ii by struckdumb Veins iii by struckdumb
Rust by struckdumb Polycolour ii by struckdumb Fissures iii by struckdumb

Paper Variation by struckdumb Paper by struckdumb Paper edges by struckdumb Damaged. by struckdumb

Film Border by struckdumb Texture Border iii by struckdumb Border iii by struckdumb
Photo Border by struckdumb Border vii by struckdumb Texture Border ii by struckdumb

Meadow Backdrop iv by struckdumb Bindweed Dream. by struckdumb Bookmark by struckdumb Meadow Backdrop v by struckdumb Bookmark ii by struckdumb Bookmark iii by struckdumb

Struck Dumb

Much as I love my textures and resources - my picture gallery is my main reason for being here - these images are not stock but please have a look at the latest:…
Here are a few highlights:

Pink Cherry by struckdumb Magpie Dream ii by struckdumb Three Trees Textured by struckdumb

Cheesewring by struckdumb Roche Rock by struckdumb Trethevy Quoit by struckdumb


Foby and Filaments by struckdumb
Foby and Filaments

Instantly the confines of the data room were replaced with the virtual freedom of the visualisation interface that Foby 1 had so deftly connected to the head set. Here you could arrange raw data into 3D representations. The efficient one had chosen to display his source material as a tangle of glowing strands. They looked like jellyfish tentacles undulating and waving in the flow of some unseen current.
Foby 1's on-screen representation of himself wandered among the strands and filaments examining each and searching for who-knows-what. Smart little oik.
3124b pretended also to be interested in what he saw. As he gazed around at the luminous forms he realised that they were actually quite beautiful in a weird kind of way. They reminded him of nerve systems or drifting seaweed, tapering tubes that gently curved and flexed. He found himself meandering among the threads admiring their hypnotic currents. One area caught his attention with its effulgent colour. He went closer peering at an unexpected movement inside one of the tubes, and could make out tiny representations of figures and places there within. Was that himself ...
"Stay with me, can you do that?" The suddeness of the voice made 3124b start. Him!

Foby in IT by struckdumb
Foby in IT

"Look here," the object of his annoyance broke the silence in a commanding tone. He was standing before the computer system in the data section. "Find the data streams for any subjects even remotely involved with your project whilst I set up the relevant interfaces."
"Its voice is even more irritating! Listen to it." 3124b grumbled inwardly as he sat at the controls.
Noticing that Elmo 3124b wasn't pressing anything Foby 1 paused, "Is there a problem?" he enquired with authoritative helpfulness.
"No there is not," 3124b answered, adding silently and scathingly under his breath, "Foh Be."

The darker, sharper one busied himself delivering instructions whilst the less fashionably dark, less sartorially elegant one tried to focus on the screens and input terminals before him. He should know this.
Foby 1 seemed to notice his hesitation, "The left one. Put in the subject codes and bring up the main menu."
Boy was he galling, look at him there with his girly fingers clamped around his hips.
"Yes, the left one - it's this button here isn't it?"
"No the next one." He didn't even look at him to give this guidance - the complacent jumped-up ... how did the menu work then? This screen wasn't like the one he was used to. Elmo tried to look like he knew what he was doing. It looked like new software. He never got new software. Not till everyone else had been saying how good it was and then gone quiet because they were using it all the time. Then he got it, when it was old software.
"If the gear's a bit unfamiliar maybe you could leave that and just patch me up to the Intervention Control Room."
"To the what was that?" 3124b enquired cringing at his own ignorance.
Now Foby 1 turned and looked right at him, an eyebrow raised as if anyone ought to be able to do that simple task.

Rat Bite by struckdumb
Rat Bite
Rat Elmo's rodent reflexes told him that this was going to lead to yet another calamity, but future Elmo was already looking to point the egg thing at himself. Rat Elmo sighed as he contemplated just how many versions of himself he had recently bitten. Flinging himself forward, he managed to scrabble onto the device just as future Elmo's finger pressed the appropriate place. Rat Elmo bit the finger, it flicked upward in pain, it flicked Rat Elmo - the device spiraled into the air, the startled rat spiraled across its path trying to grab it before …

Bedroom Baldy by struckdumb
Bedroom Baldy
Rat Elmo wondered what he looked like whilst he slept this fitfully and so clambered onto a bedside chair for a better view. As he did, he noticed the device, his device there beside the bed, an ominous faint glow playing around the red ring on its side. Elmo gave another sleepy jerk and suddenly the spot on the device lit up more brightly. Then with no warning a jagged effulgent arc of pink light zig-zagged out like miniature lightening toward the slumbering Elmo's head. Rat Elmo started instinctively forward to help himself despite the conflicting desire to scuttle away - what could he do? The light seemed to snag on Elmo's ear and began to coruscate there on the lobe, fizzing softly.
What happened next set his scuttling reflexes into overdrive, he flew backward, knocking against the arm of the chair and dived scampering for the cover of the dressing table his claws scrabbling on the pile of the carpet.

Roan Reaching by struckdumb
Roan Reaching

“This is it! This is it!” Elmo wailed backing away into the chamber pushing Holi along with him. Gum however, had taken stock of the situation and decided that anything in Elmo’s slight form would be easy enough to deal with. He bore down on the creature demanding, “What are you? What do you...” But he didn’t get to complete his question as the creature leapt at his head, clawing at his face.
Since Heather stood in the doorway now blocking Roan’s view of this assault, Roan turned spun back to the dust membrane and wildly swiped at it, meaning to part it like a big cobweb hoping to provide a means of escape - instantly everything went pitch black. Each one shot out their hands, feeling for one another.
"You still there?" came Roan's voice.


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