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Struck Dumb
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: London
Favourite style of art: Look at my favourites.
Struck Dumb


Use only images in my Free Stock folders:
None of my other images may be used whatsoever without prior permission.
Should you wish to discuss use of any other images in my gallery - please note me.

Images in my Free Stock folder may be used as you wish with the following restrictions:

1. Do not claim these images as your own or re-distrubute them.
2. Do not use my resources to create violent, sexual or otherwise offensive images.

I will not link to images containing nudity or that show up as containing adult content.
I will also hide/delete messages that link to such on my pages.

Although not demanded I would be grateful for the following:

1. A note to say that you found my stock useful.
2. A link to see where you used it.
3. A link back to my page especially if you use my resources off-site.

In my Free Stock folders you will find many more like the following:

Scratches ii by struckdumb Bindweed Cracked by struckdumb Colour Grunge by struckdumb
Grunge v by struckdumb Cracked ii by struckdumb Veins iii by struckdumb
Rust by struckdumb Polycolour ii by struckdumb Fissures iii by struckdumb

Paper Variation by struckdumb Paper by struckdumb Paper edges by struckdumb Damaged. by struckdumb

Film Border by struckdumb Texture Border iii by struckdumb Border iii by struckdumb
Photo Border by struckdumb Border vii by struckdumb Texture Border ii by struckdumb

Meadow Backdrop iv by struckdumb Bindweed Dream. by struckdumb Bookmark by struckdumb Meadow Backdrop v by struckdumb Bookmark ii by struckdumb Bookmark iii by struckdumb

Struck Dumb

Much as I love my textures and resources - my picture gallery is my main reason for being here - these images are not stock but please have a look at the latest:…
Here are a few highlights:

Pink Cherry by struckdumb Magpie Dream ii by struckdumb Three Trees Textured by struckdumb

Cheesewring by struckdumb Roche Rock by struckdumb Trethevy Quoit by struckdumb


501 Debrief by struckdumb
501 Debrief
But he was most anxious when questioning turned to just how had events had unfolded. His purpose had been to alter the course of history, to prevent a series of domino-type events that were to follow - but he secretly feared that he had actually caused them. Sounding mysterious and warning Elmo to go back had sounded like a great plan when he initially came up with it. But now they were asking him what had happened. How was the course of history affected by what he had done? How had a rat got involved?
"I did as instructed," 501 explained defensively, "I remained concealed and used my wits to stop Elmo of 2009 from proceeding."
An Elmo who was clearly a senior Elmo probed, "And how exactly did you do that? How did you involve yourself?"
“I... er... I hid myself in the undergrowth and pretended to be a mysterious stranger and called out to go back - 'Go Back!' I said."
The inquisitors exchanged glances. "And did he go back?"
501 was sweating - what was he to say? He had imagined that he would have plenty of time to get his story together before being here, but now he was having to think on his feet. Elmo of 2009 had not gone back, worse, he had come forward.
"Yes, he did," he fibbed, "He went back."

Number 2 in antechamber by struckdumb
Number 2 in antechamber

Meanwhile having left the gloom of the auditorium Number 2 sat in private counsel in his antechamber.
Beneath his obscuring hood two small pink eyes stared grimly at the others gathered around him.
"It's time to recall 501," he intoned.
"Yes sir," a high ranking Elmo agreed, "time to recall him."
"He's had sufficient time to gather the data by now. Once we get him in and mop up that moronic phage incident perhaps we can make some actual progress."
As he said these final words, the annoyance in his voice was undisguised and anyone who dared to look might well notice the irate twitch of the long whiskers that poked beyond the shadow of his mantle.
Number 2 rose and left. Nobody had the disrespect to allow their eyes linger on the long rat tail that snaked from the rear of his cloak.


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Again I used Your stock M15 035b FW WaitingB M0035 by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM M15  Waiting A by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM

Thanks so much :kiss: :wave:
Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015
Again I used Your stock M15  Absurdity by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM
thanks so much :wave:
Ka-Kind Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used some of your paper here:…
Hetronicle Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
I used one of your stock images as a background to a humorous poem.. 'virtuoso envy' on my page... me and shakespeare and duelling guitars...  lulz, keep up the great work and thanx
1chick1 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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